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VELOX SYSTEMS LTD. is a company that is dynamically developing in the sphere of construction/finishing-up jobs. Having been established in 2006, it has completed more than 1000 projects both in this country and abroad without a single customer complaint. The company’s main line of activities is the manufacture, delivery, and mounting of aluminum banisters for the interior and exterior setup of living-quarters and administrative buildings, stairwells, balconies, terraces. The materials being used are of a proven high quality and durability of finish.


The personnel is young and well-qualified, with a clear concept of meeting each challenge with enthusiasm. Our approach is individually specific in compliance with the customer’s demands, demonstrating a sense of stylish design that is suitable to anyone’s taste and budget. Striving to fulfill undertaken projects on a free-of-problems and timely basis, we are open to any suggestions.


The rich assortment of technical means and material supplies makes us flexible and practical when executing tasks of various kinds and styles.

VELOX SYSTEMS LTD. manufactures the following types of aluminum banisters:

  • stairwell banisters
  • wall banisters
  • barrier banisters
  • a combined glass-and-tubing barrier banister
  • decorative banisters of vertical and horizontal tubing and trellises
  • bow-shaped banisters for stairwells, terraces, windows, and barriers
  • banisters to be used in bars and restaurants
  • banisters for pools, bathrooms etc.



The aluminum banisters do not need any special care, they have a high durability (strength) and resistance to moisture or shifts in temperature.

Our basic aim is to achieve faultless servicing in compliance with the customer’s wishes, thus getting a chance to over and over again prove our professionalism and limitless energy.