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The doors and gates are an important part of the appearance of each house, hotel or villa. When combined well with the rest of the exterior, they contribute to the overall harmony of the building. "Velox Systems" Ltd. manufactures and installs doors and gates for houses, industrial facilities, playgrounds and more. They may be of a different filler:

- Fence panels (Panel Fence)
- Metal profiles
- Wrought iron
- Corrugated sheet metal

Offered models doors and gates can be solid or openwork, single, double and sliding gates.
Gates, wrought iron are the appearance of your yard and property. They reflect your taste and style, add beauty and comfort to countless variations of ornaments, twisted fingers, applications, forged fingers and bars, hot forged components and other. Not only are they beautiful, wrought iron gates never go out of fashion because they are out of time with its authentic style. We "Velox Systems" Ltd. can offer own models for the production of a product or project to the client as strictly stick to the satisfaction of the requirements and quality of workmanship of your project.

"Velox Systems" Ltd. accepts every assignment as a challenge regardless of the complexity and specificity associated with a project.

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